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Residential Services

Services we Provide
Please see our Services Page for a list of general services we provide that applies to both residential and businesses.
Is your home computer running slow with all the new programs and games that are coming out recently? Often a upgrade is a simple and cheaper alternative to buying a whole new computer. Send us an email, Give us a call, or use the free live chat.
Routine Maintenance and Cleaning
Everytime we visit we will take a peek inside your computer case and if there are any dust bunnies we will tote your machine outside and peroperly clean it out. We will ensure that all components are seated properly. This is a service provided at no extra charge to you.
Experience you can count on.
We take pride in our work and we love fixing computers.
Custom Built Computers and Servers
We will build you a computer or server specific to your needs. If you need a high end gaming system that has fast frame rates at high resolutions for that perfect gaming experience or a solid business computer for your company that will make you and your employees more productive, We have your computer.


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